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Monday, April 09, 2012

HX's Thoughts on Living with Herpes

I struggled to say it, to accept it. In the end it came out in words as my journey of acceptance began. Herein this safe environment I would care to share it, I have no idea whether it will help anyone, a part of me wishes it does!

I have a disease
I did not ask for it
I would never wish it on anyone
I believe I have come to terms
I have been accepted for me
I must never forget it,
I have moved on, I am living, I am human
I have the rights anyone does.
I can love, be loved.
I deserve it.
I will never judge, I should be grateful not spiteful, my disease is a burden on me, no one else. I carry it-but I will not let it shape me.
Grateful for my perspective, pure for my acceptance
Unlike how many others?
Judgement is a disease far more hurtful than anything I should bare.

In what ever way you start to accept yourself it is definitely worthwhile!