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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dr. Phil is FINALLY talking about STD's on his message boards.

Coping with STD's (is the topic name) and from what I've been reading on the message boards, it seems as though our pesky little virus has been getting the most attention in the world of STD's. Please feel free to spread the word so that Dr. Phil will hear all of us and realize how big of an issue this is for anyone living with herpes, be it HSV-1 or HSV2. If we all join together, I believe with the help of Dr. Phil, we can all make a difference in helping to stop the stigma.

In my opinion, this would be a great opportunity, if you are interested, to share your experiences with Dr. Phil. My main desire is to help spread Herpes Awareness and to get more and more people talking about, to not be ashamed or afraid to admit that they have herpes. I would love to see Dr. Phil do a show to address this topic and the more of us who post on his board, the better chances we all have of being understood and helping to take away the negative social stigma.

Here is the link for anyone interested in posting their two cents. You will need to create a user name in order to post. Wouldn't it be awesome if Dr. Phil and Oprah would do a combined show? Maybe if the two of them got in on this, they could really send some loud messages to people in general. Society needs to realize just how common having herpes is and that it's really a non-issue for the majority of people living with it, but that it can be emotionally devasting to most people living with HSV.