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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do Fellas Need Herpes Support?

One of my commenters said this:

"I have been reading many comments from woman like me. Woman who are fearful, brave and everything in between but what I feel would really be helpful would be if we had some men post on here!!"??

It seems that there are no men who are sharing their stories.  We women want to know, from a mans perspective what would they think of dating a girl with herpes if they don't have it, how often do they tell their partners if they do, and what are the best things someone could say when telling to make them less fearful of a relationship with herpes?

It is with this information that I feel I could really make progress in understanding what the reaction of my partner to be will be and creating a "telling" story that fits me."

So if you're a man, reading this post, please do express your thoughts and feelings here as it may be helpful for someone else.

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