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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Would you sleep with someone with herpes?

You know, sometimes, we, being the ones who have herpes (if you are indeed one of us :-) have to stop and think about this. When we "tell" a prospective mate that we have herpes, do we expect them to just say, "sure, sign me right up". No, we can't expect that. We have to realize and think about how we would have felt, had someone said that to us prior to our contracting this minor virus. I can't even say disease, because it's not really a disease. It's simply a virus. So you ask yourself, "Can I love someone with 437737" or can I love someone with herpes and you have to decide if the person you want to love is worth the risk of having that stigma (which many of us are trying to break the stigma, along with Valtrex BTW). It's not so much the virus which is so horrible, it's the social stigma which has been placed on having herpes. Mind you, there are cases, different strains of herpes, which are relatively rare for the most part, which do create much more discomfort in those who have it, such as herpes neuralgia.

I write more about this in this section of my blog.

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