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Monday, February 27, 2006

Herpes Awareness & OneMillionBlogs.net

This is pretty cool and exciting for me. Today I sent 6.00 for my spot on the front page of One Million Blogs - What Number Are You?. It looks fabulous and I'm proud to have a spot on this brand new webpage.

I'm hoping that by securing 6 spots on this website that it will help to spread herpes awareness. I initially requested square 437737 (a logical one) but after much thinking, I felt that it would serve our herpes community much more by being on the first page. I want to help squelch the stigma so much and this is just my part towards that goal.

Looks fabulous. Thank you Dave.



Saturday, February 18, 2006

Does Herpes Look Different in.......

Does herpes look any different in african americans (also known as people of color) or Japanese or Chinese or Mexicans or your basic caucasion. The only difference is whether or not this person has HSV-2 or HSV-1 and/or how severe there particular case might be. There is no set guideline which depicts for any certain culture. Herpes is a virus, plain and simple and it affects the human body and other mammals in the way which it is meant to affect that species. There is koi herpes, which is associated with fish, equine herpes which is associated with horses, so you will find there are lots and lots of variations of herpes, but as far as humans go, it just depends on their body and how it reacts to the herpes virus and which form of it they have.

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Is It Worth It To Tell?

Is it worth telling someone you have genital herpes? I say absolutely. It's not necessarily something which you need to tell right away, but it is something which does need to be discussed prior to having sexual relations. Telling is a huge topic of discussion amongst those of us who have herpes. Each situation is different and there is no wrong or right way. The best advice I can give is to educate yourself first and get right with you, before you can expect anyone else to be OK with it. If you approach it fearfully, chances of scaring someone off is pretty high. If you realize within yourself that it's not the end of the world, you'll be able to explain the risks involved to a partner with a level head and without alot of unnecessary emotion. Good luck in telling someone you have herpes. We never said it would be easy, but just remember that if someone does not accept you, then it simply wasn't meant to be with that person anyway and you're much better off knowing that you have removed this huge weight from your shoulders and if this person loves you, they will appreciate your total honesty. This IS NOT the end of the world and you will NOT die from it.

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Would You Date Someone with Herpes

At this stage in my life, I would have to say yes and it would certainly depend on the circumstances. There is no harm in dating and getting to know someone anyway and if they tell you they have herpes, what you need to realize is that telling you was not the easiest thing for them to do, however because they strive to be honest in their lives and chances are, they had sexual relations with someone who didn't give them that choice of knowing in advance. Then there are also those who didn't even know they had it, due to asymptomatic shedding. Good luck with your decision and just remember that they apparently cared enough about you to confide something to you so personal and which in the past has had a very negative stigma attached to it. Just remember it can happen to ANYBODY. Heck, you might even have it yourself. Also, just because you might have had all of your "STD testing" done at the clinic, doesn't mean they automatically test for herpes, so you could have it and not even know it. Ever had a coldsore? That's oral herpes and that can be transferred to someone genitally via oral sex. Get tested before you judge. You might come to realize that it's truly a non-issue. It is a non-issue for me because I've gotten ok with having herpes. It doesn't define who I am, even though, I believe I have become a better person in spite of having herpes. So if you're asking the question, would you be willing to date a person who had genital herpes, then I hope you would consider the person themselves and not the virus so much. Life is about choices.

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